A POS for Your Bar or Nightclub

Let SNAP Point of Sale system handle pricing and inventory so you can provide better service to your customers.

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pos options for your bar or nightclub

Start Bar Tabs Easily

With SNAP POS you can create bar tabs in the system with the name, credit card number, and ccv code of your customers with just a couple of taps. 

Happy Hour Pricing

Setup discounts during preset times for Happy Hour specials. Our system automatically updates the pricing at the correct time so you don’t have to!

Quick Inventory Updating

Inventory is easy to update when you change your menu for the season or even weekly specials.

Track Cost Vs. Profits

You can set up a cost for each item and track your gross margin by item for any date range.

A Mobile System for a Mobile World


Tableside Ordering  in Just a Couple of Taps

SNAP POS is designed to integrate with tablets or phones. Your servers can move easily from table to table to take orders. Sending those orders to the kitchen or bar is a cinch with the ability to auto-print items to a specific printer. When it comes time to checkout, servers can take credit cards right at the table. 

Easily Edit Orders On the Fly

Editing orders is easy to do. You can add a tip to an order, split, merge, duplicate, or transfer tickets to another table or waiter within seconds. Our streamlined process saves your bartender or waiter valuable time. Less time at the register equals more time pouring drinks!

take mobile orders on pos systems
easy to understand reporting for SNAP POS

Easy to Understand Reporting


Your POS Should Take Care of Your Customers

We believe a POS is more than just inventory and sales. It should also help you take care of your customers. That’s why SNAP has features like the ability to update customer details, look up previous order information, and apply discounts. 

Track Sales the Way You Want

Our system allows you to track sales many different ways. Want to know how many sales come from each customer, server, or register? Just choose that option in the reporting screen, and you’ll be presented with accurate information that can be used to make your business more profitable.

Inventory Management

You can track inventory of specific items with SNAP POS including on-hand items.

Reports and Orders Are Always Accessible

Our system keeps your data synced, so you can access reports or look at in-progress orders anytime.

Integrated Online Options


Want to Offer Online Ordering?

Offering online ordering for faster service is easy with SNAP. You can enter or import your products from a Microsoft® Excel sheet. Your website and pos system stay up to date with inventory numbers, sales, and reports.

Send Daily Sales to Quickbooks

Exporting your daily sales to Quickbooks is simple.

Get Off-Site Access

We have a web-based option, for those times when you need off-site access to your inventory, sales, customer data, and other information.

online ordering options for your bar or nightclub

Priority Support

A team of talented US support staff is here to answer all of your questions 24/7 by calling our toll-free number.