SNAP POS for Your Retail Store

We designed our retail edition of SNAP Point of Sale with the features you need to manage inventory, track costs vs. profits, reward repeat customers, and more.

Revolutionize Your Retail Store With SNAP POS

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Your Retail Store Deserves Options

Customize product, shipping, and fee options so SNAP works the way your retail store does. You can even setup multiple stores, so you can manage your inventory the way you want. 

Flexible Cart Management Options

Our system gives you the ability to quickly add customer or edit information during checkout. If a customer wants to add one more item, you can park their cart until they’re ready to finish their order, freeing you up to help the next customer in line.


Manage Stock with Ease


Barcode Scanning 

SNAP POS is designed to integrate with a barcode scanner which makes entering and updating inventory a breeze.

Fast Product Search

Quickly search for a product even without a barcode scanner by typing in the product name. Your products will be filtered as you type.

Manage On-Hand Stock Easily

Manage your on-hand stock by inputting a separate number which will be updated when the product sells.

Minimum Stock Options

Set up a minimum stock amount for the product which can also automatically generate purchase orders for items that fall below that number.

manage stock with SNAP POS
retail reporting

Reports To Manage Your Store


Customer Relationship Management

SNAP Point of Sale provides tools to manage customer relationships with features like the ability to update customer details and view previous order information.

Sales Reports

View your sales in-store versus online, by customer, store, cashier or payment type. 

In-Stock Number

You can run a stock report at any time which shows what’s on hand and what you need to order. 

Your Data is Synced

Our system syncs your data, so you always know where your inventory, sales, and profits stand.

Integrated Online Options


Online Ordering  

Integrating online ordering is easy with SNAP. Just enter or import your products from Microsoft® Excel. Items, orders, and sales stay up-to-date on both your online store and your in-house hardware.

Quickbooks Integration

If you use Quickbooks, you can export your daily sales through the intuitive interface.

Need 24/7 Access? 

Our web-based options allow you to to access your inventory, sales, customer data, cost reports, or any other information anytime, anywhere.

online ordering options for your retail store

Priority Support

A team of talented US support staff is here to answer all of your questions 24/7 by calling our toll-free number.